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National Trust

Connecting people with special places and environments

With over 4 million members, the National Trust is the largest voluntary conservation organisation in Europe. With a plethora of iconic properties, sites and protected areas, its aim is to invest in the nation’s heritage to preserve it for future generations.

I’ve worked for the National Trust for over 23 years. Initially my work focused on creating national campaigns for the charity’s head office in Swindon. Recently the focus has changed to providing design and creative services for individual properties and sites in the midlands, the south west and across the UK.

From developing new ways to discover the treasures of Florence for the British Institute to exploring the collections of the National Trust in England and Scotland, Neil brings my ideas to life. Responsive, timely and creative, Neil Morgan Design has always been my first choice for great design.

Lauri Thorndyke, Heritage Consultant, National Trust

Each property is unique and has its own challenges. Recently, I’ve been responsible for a wide range of creative projects that include signage systems, interpretation material and exhibitions, as well as individual property leaflets, welcome leaflets, and literature to inform and engage children.

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