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Strategic Edge

Helping individuals realise and release their full potential

Nicholas Bate runs Strategic Edge and is passionate about helping people to realise and release their true and full potential. As well as writing many acclaimed titles, Nicholas is a popular blogger who shares his knowledge within large corporations around the globe.

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For the past 20 years, Nicholas has given me creative freedom to showcase my typographical skills in numerous publications. His quirky approach to communicating to his target audience means the work I’ve done for him has always been immensely satisfying.

I’ve worked with Neil Morgan for many years and he has hugely helped my organisation become the success it is… Neil should be your first conversation for any creative concept – paper or digital.

Nicholas Bate, Managing Director, Strategic Edge Ltd

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The vast majority of work for Strategic Edge is the design and production of minibooks, as well as larger publications available on Amazon. I also produce workbooks for use in MBA training and other renowned courses created by Nicholas Bate.

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