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East Glos Club

The premier all-racket sports club in the south west

With approximately 1,700 members, East Glos is one of the largest sports clubs in the region providing tennis, squash, racketball and padel. It runs an extensive coaching programme and caters for players of all standards.

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As a keen tennis player and member of the club, I was privileged to work on a campaign to introduce the new sport of padel to Gloucestershire. I designed new branding, and an extensive range of literature, to promote this new offering, and also position East Glos as the premier multi-racket club in the south west.

“Together with the marketing committee, Neil helped to create branding and a range of marketing material to promote our new padel offering. This resulted in an increase in new members to the club, the introduction of a new sport to the region and increased awareness of our multi-racket subscriptions.”

Darren Morris, Club Manager, East Glos Club

Following the introduction of the three new padel courts, I created a new site plan and interior and exterior signage to help new members and visitors access the facilities around the clubs extensive grounds.

As part of the clubs ongoing marketing requirements, I design regular collateral including annual reports, membership materials, coaching information and leaflets for an extensive range of events.

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